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Once More Into Darkness (The Solar Apocalypse Saga Book 1)


Outside the bubble, a radiated wasteland turns men to madness. Inside the bubble, unchecked greed turns men into monsters.

Merrik knows what horrors lie in wait beyond the city’s protective bubble—the solar radiation ravaged wastelands and the half-mad survivors who lost the lottery to get inside. As the city bounty hunter, he’s sworn to enforce the laws that keep their fragile pocket of civilization intact, even if it means venturing into the desolate wilds himself.

But when a smug new council member starts micromanaging his job, even Merrik is tempted to break the rules. His annoyance with his superior soon turns to suspicion when a captured fugitive tells him of a closed-door society built on the blood of the innocent. With the council watching his every move, Merrik must infiltrate the city’s powerful inner circle to take out the conspirators before they turn humanity’s last safe haven into a dystopian state far more brutal than the hellscape closing in on every side.

Once More into Darkness is the first book in The Solar Apocalypse Saga, a gripping dystopian trilogy. If you like gritty heroes, edge-of-your-seat action, and shocking plot twists, then you’ll love D. Michael Withrow’s white-hot showdown.

Buy Once More into Darkness to step into the wasteland for a savage dystopian thrill-ride today!

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