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I dreamed of writing a novel for decades. It was something that I can always remember wanting to do. But, I just never got around to it. Until one day, at long last, I did. I just started writing. And I kept writing every day until I got stuck. I let the manuscript sit for more than a year before finally finding the courage to pick it up again. I began writing every day again until I fished Part One of my first novel. I decided to self-publish it on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. I sought out a freelance editor and also found a cover designer. All the pieces were coming together. And now, after decades of dreaming about it, I am on the verge of publishing my very first work of fiction. So I guess the moral of this story is this; if you dream of writing, then do it. There’s nothing holding you back except yourself. Just write. You’ll be happy that you did.