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An isolated city in the midst of a radiated wasteland. A corrupt ruling council bent on murdering innocents. One man must gather all his courage to try and make things right.

The magnetic poles have flipped leaving Earth without a magnetosphere for the foreseeable future. New Louisville is a city under a force field, known as “the bubble”, where life goes on without concern for the catastrophic effects of the sun.

Book two in the Solar Apocalypse Sage follows Merrik, a bounty hunter forced to abandon his home inside the bubble to escape the numerous attempts on his life by the ruling council. What and who he finds in the caves to the south both shocks and amazes him. A primitive society living out their lives with many of the creature comforts he had thought impossible in such a place. But the caves are no less vicious than the city he left behind, with many of its residents out to get him.

Dying Light of Day is a dystopian and post-apocalyptic tale that features compelling characters, surprising plot twists, and plenty of action. If you liked The Maze Runner, then you’ll love this book. Pick up Dying Light of Day today to discover this exciting new world.